Sunday, June 24, 2012

Small Business Insurance Quote - Recommended Coverages For Commercial Auto Insurance

A Small Business Insurance Quote combined with an automobile insurance policy with the appropriate coverages in place can protect you from gaps in coverage. Let us take a look two coverages that can be added to the automobile insurance quotes that you are looking for.

Here are the two additional coverages to consider when buying your automobile car insurance for your small business.

o Medical payments. Medical payments coverage pays for you and/or the people in your vehicle who become injured due to an automobile accident. It does not matter whether you are at fault or not. This is sometimes referred to as Good Samaritan coverage. Normally, you have up to two years to collect from your own insurance company for medical payment claims.

o Uninsured motorist. If you have this coverage in effect and you are in an automobile accident and the other party is at fault but they have no insurance coverage, you can present your claims and bills to your own insurance company for payment. The uninsured motorist limits typically are 10 times the medical payments limit. Thus, there is more coverage to pay your bills.

Many automobile insurance companies have discounts and special pricing if you combine your small business insurance policy for general liability with your automobile liability insurance policy. In addition to receiving discounts, you normally will have fewer problems in getting a claim paid if all of your policies are with the same insurance company. Sometimes there are gray areas when it comes to paying claims and a carrier that has all of your policies is more apt to go to bat for you in paying the claim.

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