Thursday, May 17, 2012

Business Insurance Quote - Insurance and Legal Liability

A Business Insurance Quote should mainly be focused on making sure that your general liability insurance policy provides coverage for your negligent acts. Intentional acts typically are not covered under the standard general liability policy.

A negligent wrong, which is sometimes referred to as a civil wrong is the generally accepted definition to describe common accidents that have occurred during the centuries that our common law has been in existence.

The prudent man test is one of the most common benchmarks that are used in our courts today in determining whether there is negligence or the level of negligence depending upon reasonable prudent person test. Normally, if a person was acting reasonably and prudently it will have a direct impact upon the damages that can be assessed in a negligent act.

Most insurance companies underwrite their exposures to loss in providing insurance coverages based upon reasonable and prudent care that the average person shouldn't hereto and their business operations. A company that is unreasonable in their operations and/or they are not acting prudently in their products and services will normally get a cold shoulder when it comes to favorable pricing from an insurance company.

Your business insurance quote will have an underlying risk management component that will correctly affect the pricing of all of your coverages whether it is clearly explained and laid out to you in writing or not. The Commercial general liability policy, which is also known as public liability insurance, are in essence negligence/accident protection policies. It is important to read the exclusions in your policy to make sure that the vast majority of your negligent acts can and will be protected.


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