Friday, June 29, 2012

Business Insurance Quotes

Business insurance comes in many forms from many different insurance companies. Thus, insurance quotes vary from company to company and from type to type.

Usually insurance companies evaluate many factors related to the business that wants to be insured and then make an offer. Additionally, the business that wants to be insured has many options available as regarding the types and the ranges of coverage available.

Many people believe that insurance quotes differ greatly from company to company, but this simply isn't so. Although quotes are relatively standardized, they can be very different, because the companies that are giving them have aspects within the company that are unique only to them. Some insurance companies might have one insurance service set at a very high price, and offer another service at a very affordable price. This gives the option for each business to purchase only specific services from an insurance company's arsenal.

Insurance quotes are very high when there is a big probability of risk. Sometimes, the risk probability might be so high that the insurance company may refuse to insure the business that wants to avail of their protection plan.

It is possible that a business might achieve lower insurance quotes by creating a picture that assumes the business has very low risk factors. The insurance company may be tricked into offering a lower rate. However, don't count on it, because insurance companies do pretty through investigations before they agree to insure. To sum up, insurance quotes are very different as the insurance companies who offers them are also different. Additionally, selective choices and 'maneuvers' can help a business achieve the lowest insurance quotes possible.

Business Insurance Quotes - A Little Research Can Save You Money

The best place to start looking for business insurance quote is with a business insurance broker. Whether its health insurance for you employees or your liability insurance needs a broker will be able to help out with exactly what your needs are and get you the best possible premium rates.

It doesn't matter whether you know anything about business insurance a broker can arrange coverage in a matter of days.

Now obviously the first step is to arm yourself with a reputable business insurance brokerage. No matter how many people you may employ health insurance is going to be a big issue for them so you should be able to offer a plan that works for both you and those that you employ.

As every business owner knows the costs of a health care plan are always on the rise, which makes it very difficult to be able to offer the very best of coverage so one way of doing this is by having your employees cover most of the cost. In this way it's not your company that has to bear the brunt of the expense but still be able to provide a health plan.

For anyone that owns a company business liability insurance is of greater importance than any health plan. The lack of a health plan may have some of your workers running of to seek jobs with better benefits having no liability coverage could see your company going out of business.

It could take only one law suit against your business to completely ruin you financially. This can be easily avoided though as long as you get the right coverage. Shop around before you make any decisions business insurance rates can vary from broker to broker. Try to do some research of your own before you start talking to any brokers.

Try and find out how much it has cost other companies within your businesses industry that have had legal actions taken against them, this will at least give you an idea on how much you will need to spend on coverage.

One very easy way to find a good broker is to ask other business owners who they used when putting their insurance needs in place.

Umbrella liability insurance policies are a very good way of covering a multitude of situations. If you need a policy to be more specific then there are plenty to choose from an example may be that an employee may feel they have reason to file a case against your company.

It will be down to you and your broker to sort out the finer details and get the correct coverage.

Your business insurance premiums will vary greatly depending on the type of business your involved in, how many employees you have, how long you've been in business and where your offices are located. Another thing that can have a major bearing on your rates will be if you've ever had legal action taken against you before.

"How much does business insurance cost"? Until you have sat down with a broker and gone over all the details there is no way to answer that question. Somebody that is in the same line of business as you but has their offices in a high risk area is going to be paying more than you in your low risk area. The only way to find out is to get various quotes from different brokers.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Small Business Insurance Quote - Recommended Coverages For Commercial Auto Insurance

A Small Business Insurance Quote combined with an automobile insurance policy with the appropriate coverages in place can protect you from gaps in coverage. Let us take a look two coverages that can be added to the automobile insurance quotes that you are looking for.

Here are the two additional coverages to consider when buying your automobile car insurance for your small business.

o Medical payments. Medical payments coverage pays for you and/or the people in your vehicle who become injured due to an automobile accident. It does not matter whether you are at fault or not. This is sometimes referred to as Good Samaritan coverage. Normally, you have up to two years to collect from your own insurance company for medical payment claims.

o Uninsured motorist. If you have this coverage in effect and you are in an automobile accident and the other party is at fault but they have no insurance coverage, you can present your claims and bills to your own insurance company for payment. The uninsured motorist limits typically are 10 times the medical payments limit. Thus, there is more coverage to pay your bills.

Many automobile insurance companies have discounts and special pricing if you combine your small business insurance policy for general liability with your automobile liability insurance policy. In addition to receiving discounts, you normally will have fewer problems in getting a claim paid if all of your policies are with the same insurance company. Sometimes there are gray areas when it comes to paying claims and a carrier that has all of your policies is more apt to go to bat for you in paying the claim.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Business Insurance Quote - Difference Between Legal Liability and General Liability

A business insurance quote can be the first step in putting together commercial general liability insurance to protect you from negligence claims and or acts. Please note that typically all insurance policies normally do not provide coverage for criminal violations.

There are four elements that form the basis of every negligent act. All four elements must be present in order for there to be a negligent act.

To briefly lay out the four elements it looks something like this. There must be a breach of a duty that was owed to someone that causes damages. In looking at this negligent acts description one can quickly see some of the defenses that are available to you as a small business owner.

If there are no damages then there is no negligence. If you back into another car in a parking lot and there are no damages there is no negligence. Using the same car example if you are in your car you do not have a duty to pay pain and suffering damages when there is no physical evidence of any damages to the person and/or the property.

Again using the parking lot example, if you were to park extremely close to another vehicle as long as you have not violated some local ordinance or law you cannot be held negligent simply for inconveniencing someone in a tight parking space.

Even though sometimes the four elements of the negligent act are not present that does not prevent somebody from filing a lawsuit. Therefore, it would be prudent to have the proper commercial general liability insurance in place for these types of frivolous lawsuits that should eventually be dismissed because the negligent elements have not been met.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Business Insurance Quotes

If you are starting a small business in California, then you have a lot to look forward to. After all, California is one of the most exciting states in the country. It's such a large state and it seems like there is something exciting going on in every corner of it. If you are starting a small business, however, you are going to need to sit down and think carefully about the future. It's sometimes tough to sit and plan for worse-case scenarios, but it's part of being a financially responsible business owner who has employees, products, and equipment. There is no better way to be responsible than to get business insurance quotes.

One great reason to get business insurance quotes is to help if you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to pay out workers comp. If you have employees, you have to be prepared for injuries. You can enforce strict pro-safety rules, but accidents happen. There is sometimes no way to prevent them. It may seem unfair, but if an employee gets injured while at work, you are responsible for paying them for their time out of work and to help them cover medical treatment. You don't want your workers to suffer, and you don't want them to hold grudges against you. By having reliable business insurance, you can be responsible and pay your injured workers without going out of business.

Another reason why you need to get business insurance quotes is to protect you from general liability. Any business owner is at risk for a general liability lawsuit. As long as you are providing a service, making recommendations, or even giving professional opinions to your clients, you are putting yourself at risk for liability. Of course you can't stop putting yourself at risk since this is the nature of any business. What you can do, however, is protect yourself with great insurance coverage.

Before you get serious about your small business, you need to make sure you get business insurance quotes. Business insurance is the first step to getting your business off the ground. It will allow you the support to move ahead with peace of mind. You will be able to grow freely knowing that accidents and unforeseen damages are not going to paralyze your service. If you have insurance, you have a safety net. This is why it's so important that you make sure you are covered, even before you make your first sale or hire your first employee.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Small Business Insurance Quote - Automobile Insurance

A Small Business Insurance Quote along with an automobile insurance policy will normally complete your insurance program. We have outlined below a few key points that you should consider when requesting an insurance policy.

  • Liability limits. Depending on your business, you should have the appropriate liability limits based upon your exposure to claims or accidents. Thus, if you are in some sort of delivery type business the chances are that you will be more likely to have automobile accident than someone who is not in a delivery type business. Also, if you are part of a franchise usually your franchisor will dictate what liability limits you need.
  • Hired/borrowed auto liability. Sometimes you might find it necessary to rent a truck or a van for your business. Having this coverage already on your policy can save you a lot of money from not having to buy auto coverage from the rental car agency. Although, if you tend to rent vehicles routinely many automobile insurance companies frown upon providing coverage for this exposure. The automobile insurance premium for this coverage is usually based upon receipts.
  • Non-owned auto liability. If you have someone who uses their personal vehicle on your behalf, this coverage you should be in place to protect your small business. The rule of thumb to remember is that insurance follows the car first and the driver second. So, if somebody is using a personal vehicle on your behalf and get into an accident, their personal auto insurance will pay first. It is quite possible that you too will be sued in the accident because they were working on your behalf. This coverage protects you from those kinds of claims.

As you can see, and automobile insurance policy can easily round out your small business insurance program.